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Seeing Red

Red lipstick. Red hair. Red dress. Red shoes. Red roses. Red stop signs. Red Riding Hood. Red Commies. Red heart. Red blood. Red cheeks. Red apples. Red-handed. Red light districts. This potent colour is everywhere and is used by the … Continue reading

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Waiting For The Man

In her interview for this project, Ariel spoke about definitions of beauty in terms of what she finds attractive. I think this is a very thought-provoking way to look at beauty, and I wonder if we have the same definitions … Continue reading

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Six Months In

As I started this year-long project on July 1, 2010, December 31st marked the six-month milestone for me. The more I delve into the personal and social definitions and constructions of beauty, I realise how inextricably linked they are to … Continue reading

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