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This is the section in which you can share your own thoughts and feelings about the creation and construction of beauty, about your body and about other related issues.

This is also the section in which I will post your interviews!

Check out this new one with my friend Ariel, who discusses attraction, drag queens and who is “always trying to seek forms of beauty”. As with Kate’s interview, please don’t let the dodgy technical abilities on my part take away from Ariel’s scintillating words!

Check out the first one, in which Kate, my 20-year-old sister, discusses the beauty and body issues that young American women grapple with. By the way, you’ll hear an annoying whirring sound throughout the video, which I can’t get rid of. However, it doesn’t take anything away from the insightful thoughts Kate has to offer!

Also in this section, I will post a question every once in awhile, which you can use as a starting point for your musings…

The question for the week beginning December 13, 2010:

If we are not a Perfect 10, what should we do? Try to become one? Try to win another contest? Redefine beauty?

The question for the week beginning September 27, 2010:

Can nudity and sex be two different things, or is nudity always sexual?

The question for the week beginning September 6, 2010:

What makes a woman beautiful?


One Response to Share Your Story

  1. Michael W. says:

    No matter what anyone says, people generally find other people “beautiful” if they are, first of all, physically attractive. Then it’s a matter of whether they get along after that. The interesting thing to me is: people see other physically attractive people every day but only now and then does one strike them as “particularly beautiful”. Looks/physical appearance is still, I believe, the main motivating factor, but what is it about that particular person that there is “something else”. This all implies “beauty” or “love” at first sight. Is it possible to separate the two (love and beauty)? People can definitely grow to love one another and find the other person ‘beautiful’, but it seems to be the exception and only if they were at least somewhat attracted physically in the first place, or the person is just a friggin’ genius or something to the like (having money attracts people but I wouldn’t believe that it makes someone find that person beautiful, for example).

    Whatever that difference is between academically seeing “lots of good looking people everyday” and seeing someone that really resonates for the person seems to be the key. But the physical appearance still seems to be the driving force. Maybe that person, the “object of desire”, taps into some Jungian archetype that resonates with the “viewer”. Just hope it’s not Freudian, ha, ha. Who knows?

    This is all from a male perspective, though. I wonder if women are motivated by the same thing. They seem to be under more pressure to have it be something “deeper”. If one strips away all of the intellectualizations about why one finds another beautiful, then, and this may be the ultimate “truth”, it’s a matter of biology. If so, why does biology favor “good looking” people apparently? Why do faces, for example, have to be symmetrical, et al? What evolutionary process does that serve? Or, why is that the basis? I don’t know, but some things just are. It’s just the way the universe’s laws and mathematics allowed it in this particular universe (or at least in this part of the universe, see this story — ). Basically what it says is — “One intriguing possible implication is that the fine-structure constant is continuously varying in space, and seems fine-tuned for life in our neighborhood of the universe.”

    Beauty may, literally, not be universal.


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